Real shit.

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rockfordThe Rockford Files and Columbo. A perfect day.



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Glass breaks. Rocks splatter. The one burning matter.

My life. Like Water.

Fuck it down. fuck it up

Make her holler.

Show her what you have – to offer.

The destination is me.

Up to date

And satisfied 10 times over.

Where does the time go? I shout at my watch.

And, I remembered I don’t own one

If I had a jewel of existence to model you after

You would be there when I need you.

Better when I want you.

And solid many times over.

Simple letters of the stained martyr.

I reveal. My voice..…my fingertips.

The shards.

I swallow.20170718_203805.png

Pith enough.

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The pith of the alchemy. Isn’t without you or me.
A filthy deceptive of the global man.
Three dimensions in and going further.
She mounted up.
And melted through.
Kinda lot a lot of little and and enough.

Mounted up riff and the tainted on clock.
Forgiving the process as I forgive myself.


Identifier is just a word.

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He kept yelling at me asking if I know this poet’s name or that poet’s name.
No sir.
I don’t know names.
I just know I write poetry.

Dear Chris…Cornell. My love. My Gratitude.

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Grief is loneliness at its primal level.

To think about my experience with Chris is pouring through my veins like lava. I keep seeing him. Hearing his voice and the tears coming out of my eyes feels like that Jesus Christ Pose I can’t deny.
Him. He was profound. His presence was massive. One of the most calm intensities I’ve experienced. It was the moment I became awake…meeting him.

I was a high school runaway..I left my house at 16 under a shitty living situation..I was working at a funeral home at the’s relevant. Soon After…
I went to a club one night as I did..At #s I go to the ladies room and come out ratting out Kim Thayil for pissing in the girl’s room while I waited. He liked that, went and got Matt Cameron and they piled in my 81’ Ford Granada matted with my Soundgarden sticker on back. We all get in. the cassette in was Jane’s Addiction Triple X. And…we sparked up a big joint and got super baked discussing philosophies.
In turn..we became fast friends…Went on tour with them a stretch from Texas to Louisiana….it was fun. It was spiritual. It was the most honor and beautiful sensation to be graced with the person that has touched my soul so many times, so deep and so in my being…and to tell him. Much Love to that dear soul. May he be at peace.

You are my Sun.

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The other me is on recess.
You, me and that tacky little dress you called…
Well, a mess.

Wrecking my mind riots in your circumference
Of you, me and the lost whodunit.

But, it was…

The wife and the hello matrimony amalgam.
The departure of the underlying truth.

Is simple geometry. Just fucking listen.


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When everything about suicide makes sense…..