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Viking calling.

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I want to write about my five-hour orgasm to the Gods that granted me the

Gift of celibacy

And the choice to make me first

I don’t know who you are, but you have my attention.


Withered Warrior….

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In a hypothesis of how I found myself staring into a mirror
Of a dirty withered solider mustered and worn
After war…and seeing through the fog..finally.
Who is this WoMan?


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Putting my hand under the warm faucet
In place of you…
I’m lost and helpless…..
But I’m not.
And where I am.
Is so fucking scary.
The stakes just keep getting higher.

Hotel Wallz…..

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Throbbing of the hotel room next to me seeping through the walls – her moans increasing like the sounds of a thousand deaths and rebirths….sliding down the foundation. Powerless of her screams…and, surrendering to his needs….

Just a whisper away – and I feel a bit intrusive, though, I’m listening….infringed with the thickness of her orgasmic purrs and my visuals…I’ve pulsated my own thoughts and my own story…..

Thus, the dream versus the reality…we all are dreaming beings…after all.